H & R Gray started in 1947 by Henry Gray and his son Robert. The Company began as a farming enterprise north of Stirling, and like on many farms a rigid lorry was purchased to take stock to and from market, deliver crops or collect fodder.

Business expanded from solely own account goods to hire and reward in the agricultural sector. Robert’s son Robin showed a keen interest in trucks and diversified into general haulage.

In 1990 a second rigid was purchased and run as wag-n-drag combination to enable general haulage to be pursued at the same time as farm business. It soon became clear that further trucks were required to meet the demand from general haulage customers.

H & R Gray Haulage was incorporated in 1998 and moved to more suitable premises at Bandeath in January 2001. The fleet changed to 100% tractor units at that time as these are more flexible and efficient to run.

The Company is still very closely linked to its farming roots and continues to be involved in the haulage of agricultural goods on and off farm, as well as being a Scottish supplier of Calcifert Granulated Lime delivering direct to farm, this works hand in hand with it’s more general cargo.

The drawbar combinations have made a comeback in the last few years, this time they are equipped with skeletal timber trailers and cranes, tasked with forestry work, hauling round logs from forest to sawmill.

Robin’s younger brother carries on the farming enterprise from their home farm. Father Robert has retired but still maintains a keen interest in both businesses.

The Company are pleased to announce that we have become a member of the Palletline overnight pallet network and look forward to developing more customer links and providing a first class service.

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